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Belonging Membership™

In the Belonging Collaborative®, we believe women professionals need genuine connections to thrive and support to flourish!

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Can I afford to invest in myself?


Lack of support.


I don't know if I can trust myself.


Low confidence and energy.

What's holding you back?

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way


disarming hospitality

everyone is welcome as they are, not as others would have you to be

relational accountability

gain insight while hearing another's perspective fostering genuine connections with other high-impact and open-hearted leaders

genuine empathy

organic celebration

develop spiritual capacity of self-discovery fostering self-compassion and increased compassion for others 

celebrate our wins and mourn our losses together

We don't promise you more information,

but we do promise you the opportunity for transformation.

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Caitlin ~ Rocheport, MO

“I trust and believe in myself more than ever."

Lacy ~ Prairie Home, MO

"I show up more authentically now because of my membership in the Belonging Membership, and experience more real relationships."

Brandi ~ Columbia, MO

“I feel more empowered now and received the affirmation to start asking for what I needed. I am more decisive in my decision makeing.”
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Introducing Belonging Collaborative®

Belonging Women's Membership™

A virtual LIVE gathering | 1st - 3rd Thurs | 9am CST

We've been waiting for you!

Belonging Women's Membership™:


Connect virtually on a weekly or bi-monthly basis for 60-90 minutes LIVE by Zoom utilizing breakout rooms to better connect in a peer coaching model.


Enjoy a psychologically safe and confidential space to do your interior work of self-awareness and intuitive discernment together.


Be supported by other like-minded and open-hearted women within a virtual peer & group coaching model facilitated by Angela Gage.


Participate in a more experiencial than educational format while enjoying more reflection and less information.


Grow in confidence and courage empowering you to take responsibility for your growth and transformation.

Who Is A Good Fit?

A woman professional who:

* has a bias to action

* has a track record for growth

* works interdependently

* is willing to invest in personal growth

* values authenticity 

* understands vulnerability as a strength

* gains insight from like-minded peers

* introspective to uncover blind spots

Who Isn't A Good Fit?

A woman who:

* has an aversion to change

* does not have a vision or dream

* preference for independence

* has a fear of making mistakes

* undervalues self-awareness 

* accepts vulnerability as a weakness

* unable to self lead

* unwilling to invest in personal growth

Register Today and
Start Connecting!

Let's Connect

Belonging Membership™



Every month

Virtual Women Professional's Peer Coaching Community

Valid until canceled
30 day free trial

30-Day Free Trial

Thrive in genuine connections

Flourish with peer support!

Meet 1st - 3rd Thur (60 min.) by Zoom

Includes 10% Member Discount towards Fall Annual Retreat

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Ready to Invest in You?

Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and supported in a community of belonging. Get the feedback and support you deserve today.

Belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to BE who we are.

~ Brené Brown, Atlas of the Heart 

Working from Home
Working from Home


In the Belonging Collaborative®, we know growth-minded professionals need support to belong to themselves with the courage to take the necessary risks for sustainable growth.


Join an intimate peer coaching group of open-hearted women and men solopreneurs ready to connect in our virtual Belonging Circle™ or Belonging Women's Membership™ building benches of support today!

Or, if you already have a peer community and are seeking a certified and trained coach to walk alongside you schedule a FREE consultation today.

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