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Belonging Circle™

For Leaders In Transition Ready To 
Elevate Their Story For Greater Impact

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Introducing Belonging Collaborative®

Summer Deep Dive
June - Aug 2024

A Transformative Summer Excursion to Elevate Your Story For Greater Impact. 

Embark on a fun and amazing journey of growth in self-discovery, integrate your story into your vision, and be rejuvenated by the collective wisdom of diverse perspectives, genuine connections, and powerful intuitive support. 

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Belonging Circle™ Summer Deep Dive

Join our Belonging Circle™ 3-month virtual group coaching circle designed to help you get unstuck and feel rejuvenated this summer. Together we'll honor your story to leverage the power of self-discovery and the collective wisdom of diverse perspectives within a safe and empowering peer coaching circle. You'll come away feeling empowered, motivated, and connected with more clarity and focus to integrate your story into your life work. 

Ready for a SUMMER BREAKthrough?

Through a combination of insightful self-awareness assessments, powerful deep dive reflection exercises, and impactful peer coaching that fosters genuine connections within Zoom breakout rooms. Gain insight and  breakthrough moments through diverse perspectives and powerful peer support while discerning your next steps for action through intuitive one-on-one coaching. 


Join us in the privacy and comfort of your backyard this summer while kids are in the pool to make life-long friends intentional about building benches of support just like you. 

Our intimate group has limited space for 15 growth-minded and open-hearted leaders. Get your spot today in Angela's Summer Circle.

Open Enrollment

Now - May 24th

We don't promise you more information,

but we do promise you the opportunity for transformation.

What To Expect:


Connect virtually on a bi-monthly basis for 90 minutes LIVE by Zoom utilizing breakout rooms to foster genuine connections in a peer coaching model. Gather on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays from 12 - 1:30pm CDT.


Enjoy a psychologically safe and confidential space to experience authenticity in a community that values empathy and vulnerability over sympathy. Learn by diverse perspectives and collective wisdom.


Listen between the lines of your story together in deep intuitive group coaching, and thrive by powerful mutual support of peers to discern your next small courageous steps of integrating your story towards your vision.


Participate in an intuitive  experiencial gathering vs an educational format of 5-7 step plans. Increase spiritual capacity of self-discovery to align your life work with your vision. Enjoy more opportunity for discernment and reflection togehter!


Gain insight and courage to take action with increased confidence in a community of belonging that will empower you to take responsibility for your personal growth and transformation. 

* Receive a 15% discount towards registration for our annual Belonging Immersion™ Fall Weekend Retreat this September 27-29, 2024, ($100 + savings).

Who Is A Good Fit?

An open-hearted leader who:

* has a bias to action

* has a track record for growth

* works interdependently

* is willing to invest in personal growth

* values authenticity 

* understands vulnerability as a strength

* gains insight from like-minded peers

* introspective to uncover blind spots

* understands the value of story and purpose


Who Isn't A Good Fit?

Anyone who:

* has a bias to keeping it safe

* has an aversion to change

* preference for independence

* has a fear of making mistakes

* undervalues self-discovery 

* accepts vulnerability as a weakness

* unwilling to lead oneself

* see's no need to invest in personal growth

* hides behind ego


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Caitlin, Entrepreneur

Angela has helped me in innumerable ways these past two years. I greatly appreciate her guidance, patience ,and support.


Brandi, Small Business Owner

I am so grateful for the guidance Angela has provided.  I have grown as an individual in both my personal and professional life. I feel seen and heard in our one-on-one coaching sessions which always leaves me feeling less overwhelmed with a clearer picture of my next steps for growth. 

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Lacy, Realestate Agent

Angela's amazing group has shown me that I do belong in my industry and that everyone faces similiar challenges. I truly look forward to meeting with the group knowing that this is one place I can open up about my struggles, it's like a small family. I am so thankful for our  peer coaching group.

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