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Wired For Connection

Navigating leadership can feel dauntingly isolating, but neglecting our emotions only hinders progress. We're wired for connection, not incessant solitude.

Genuine feedback and intuitive support fuel courage and growth. True belonging involves self-awareness and facing fears; ignoring emotions leads to self-doubt and anxiety. Emotional well-being is crucial for living on purpose.

Leadership evolves; yesterday's methods may not suffice today or tomorrow. Prosperous coaches, savvy consultants, and successful entrepreneurs and cultural leaders like you all invest in support. The days of being all you can be on your own are long gone. Our culture and business ecosystems inundate us with a torrent of new information daily, even as our hard-earned proficiencies become obsolete overnight. Overwhelmed? Me too.

I can't imagine solopreneurship without the support of others. Just yesterday, I met with one of my coaches to help me mitigate a major decision that would affect the trajectory of my professional work. I sensed the nudging deep within to change things up this summer and do something different to get a different result in my business. Yet, this would mean I would also need to let go of something great, a community of peers that have nurtured me in my first 4 years of entrepreneurship. I have been ignoring this nudging for a long time. Saying goodbye to seeing friendly faces, new friends, and colleagues every week is hard, especially when you work alone from home. Another decision!

I knew that to take my business to the next level I would need to let go of something and that something is usually good if not great. Letting go of something that has nurtured and helped us to make room for something new and better requires an immense amount of fortitude and courage.

Sounds like Spring. Every year, old growth is being shed to make room for new buds.

New growth

How about you? What are you shedding this Spring so you can flourish this Summer? I'd enjoy hearing about it. Click the button below to schedule time to swap entrepreneurial journey stories together.

~ Angela

Remember, together is always better!

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