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Summer Flourishing

a couple picnicing at the lake

Summer’s here, and it’s tempting to dive into planning family vacations and lazy days by the lake. But don’t be so quick to make the mistake of putting the brakes on your personal growth. While relaxation is important, letting the summer slip by in distraction, isolation, and boredom can be costly.


As we slide into June, many of us high achievers shift to prioritizing fun and adventuresome activities as a reward for a hard-earned Q1 and Q2. However, we often forget that mid-year is also a prime time for breakthroughs in embracing transitions, embracing community, and the power of sharing our stories.


Don’t waste another summer feeling unmotivated and unproductive. Embrace the opportunity to flourish and make meaningful progress in your personal and professional life.


Why It Matters


Spending another summer in isolation can take a serious toll on your well-being. It’s not just about missing out on new friendships; it’s about missing out on areas that need to be fertilized and watered with evaluation to thrive. Isolation and boredom can drain your energy and dampen your spirit, making it hard to stay motivated and focused. As leaders, we can’t afford that.

One way that I plan to shake things up this summer for my personal growth is to attend a summer women's small group around the topic of hospitality and conversation to better connect and form meaningful relationships.

As far as my professional development is concerned I have invested in a virtual 90-day weekly cohort of business and life coaches eager to up their game this summer. I'll be connecting with others and reevaluating my business needs with my laptop, iced tea, and earbuds. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Here are a few ways to thrive this summer with other leaders in transition or just want to invest in their personal development:

  1. Join us for our virtual Belonging Circle ~ Summer Breakthrough starting next Tuesday, June 4th. (We have a few more spaces left for this intimate group coaching circle, the deadline is Friday, May 31st.) Click here to register.

  2. One-On-One Life Coaching ~ packages of 6 or 12 available. Click here to schedule a FREE consultation call.

Together is always better,


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