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Clear The Clutter

Baby, it's cold outside in northwest Missouri. As we bundle up in layers, it's the perfect time to shelter in and think about what you're willing to shed from your life this year.


I've got a feeling that '24 is all about going leaner and making room for what truly matters.


Just like taking out the trash to keep our homes clean and fresh, we need to declutter our personal and professional lives for growth. When things get messy and chaotic on the outside, it often leads to feeling overwhelmed and anxious on the inside.


To kick off the new year, I introduced a fun exercise to the Belonging Collaborative® community. We grabbed a pen and paper, and in just 5 minutes, we jotted down what we wanted less of in our lives this year, paired with what we wanted more of. Here are some examples from our gathering:


  • Less worry, more trust

  • Less obsessing, more acceptance

  • Less resentment, more connection

  • Less conflict, more clarity

  • Less rigidity, more flexibility

Now, it's your turn. What do you want less of in your life this year to make space for what truly matters to you? Gift yourself 15 minutes over a hot cup of cocoa or a peppermint latte to identify what matters.


Share this "Less & More" exercise with someone you trust, or better yet, join me for one (or all) of my upcoming FREE Belonging Peer Coaching Calls via Zoom. We will be doing similar intuitive self-reflection exercises and sharing in small break-out rooms.


Or, if you'd like, I'd be happy to review your list with you. Just reach out, and we can review together.



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