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Be Still and Listen

between the lines of your life

I Help You Belong to Yourself, Integrate Your Story, and Start Living On Purpose

Peer Coaching Circle

Deep Intuitive Coaching


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Belonging Collaborative®

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Earlybird pricing ends April 30th

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Introducing Belonging Collaborative®

Belonging Circle™ Summer Intensive

3 - Month Peer Coaching Circle | June - Aug 2024

  • Register now and save $375

  • Virtual LIVE Peer Coaching by Zoom

  • Join an intimate group of female founders & small business owners eager to build benches of support through genuine connections

  • Integrate your story into purpose

  • Build spiritual capacity for leadership resiliency

  • Gather bi-monthly for 90-minutes

  • Flourish by monthly 1:1 intuitive coaching support

  • Includes 25% discount towards annual in-person Fall Weekend Retreat Registration 

Earlybird registration closes on April 30th!

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So You Started A Business? Now What?

First off, congratulations! You took the first steps to becoming an entrepreneur. You are in the 10% that actually take the leap, and it’s a huge achievement. Things were off to a great start but maybe now it all feels too much.

You feel lost

You feel disconnected

You don't know what to do next

You just aren't motivated anymore and it scares you

Imagine A Future Where You Are Not Only Thriving, But Flourishing

I've been where you are right now. With a willingness to take risks, invest in personal growth, and some trial and error, I’ve expanded my business from a side gig to a thriving peer coaching community where everyone is seen, heard, and supported. This shift allowed me to integrate my story into meaningful life work aligned with my core values, build safe communities of belonging, and start living on purpose!

Now, I help women like you integrate your story into meaningful life work through 1:1 intuitive life coaching and powerful peer coaching. Like myself, my clients are stepping into a new level of confidence and clarity while prospering in every area of their lives.

You belong to yourself by listening between the lines of your story, together

You feel refreshed and connected

You have clarity of purpose

You feel seen, heard, and supported with a sense of belonging

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How To Work
With Me

Is a female founder, consultant, and or small business owner peer coaching community a good fit for you? Schedule a call today and let's find out!

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Schedule A Consultation Call

Book a FREE brief Zoom call to ask all your questions and discover together if you are a good fit.

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Strategize Together

We'll customize a path forward with incremental steps to achieve your goals

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Flourish In Community

Find clarity and confidence through intuitive and authentic support

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Sustainable Leadership Starts With Belonging To Yourself.

Hi, I'm Angela. I've been creating genuine connections where others are seen, heard, and supported most of my life. What I do best is empower you to integrate your story into meaningful life work. Your journey begins with embracing vulnerability in community, developing emotional well-being, and flourishing as you confidently lead yourself to a life on purpose.

My part? To be your guide and walk alongside you on your journey to purposeful living, where genuine connection and support fuels your authentic leadership.

You deserve to be seen, heard, and supported! Together, we'll intuitively discern your next courageous step towards living life on purpose.

Nurturing Leadership Resiliency

Leading from the top can sometimes feel lonely, even amidst a grand vision for change. Yet, our emotions, if neglected, can become stumbling blocks on our path.

We're inherently wired for connection, not for isolation or extreme individualism.

Valuable intuitive feedback fuels our confidence and fortitude as we navigate our leadership journey. Moreover, in our personal lives, genuine connections foster a sense of belonging that fuels growth, while support empowers us to thrive.

True belonging to ourselves encompasses embracing self-awareness, acknowledging our flaws, and confronting our fears. Allowing our egos to run unchecked can lead to disconnection, internal strife, and a lack of progress. When we ignore our feelings, we risk falling into numbing or distraction, which often leads to self-doubt, depression, and unsustainable anxiety.

Your emotional well-being is fundamental to living the purposeful life you aspire to lead.


Leadership is a dynamic process; methods that worked yesterday may not suffice today or tomorrow. Authentic connections and support are indispensable. Just ask any elite athlete, successful small business owner, or influential cultural leader—they all recognize the value of investing in support.

Who has your leadership back? Remember, the slow work of God takes time. Our leadership journey is never meant to be traveled alone.

A Few Ways To Connect 

Client Experiences

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"I have more confidence now. I trust and believe in myself more than ever."

Caitlin Campbell, boutique shop owner in Rocheport, MO


“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

~ African Proverb

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